Seo Must for Your Business

You are starting a business and have a checklist of the things you need to get your business going. You have the idea for a product or service — check. You thought of a name — check. You created a corporation — check. You raised some capital to get started — check. You built a website — check. Bam! You’re in business — check.

But wait — the only thing missing from this equation is your customers. You can’t be in business until you have customers. That’s a vital component. The only way you’re making money is if customers are at your storefront or, these days, on your website looking to purchase what you’re selling. Some entrepreneurs may think that once they create a website, they’re done with that task. Creating the website is a fundamental first step to getting customers and an important element of any company’s marketing program, but there’s more to it. It’s a mistake to create a website just to have something printed on your business cards. I’ve seen this mistake made time and time again by small businesses. Business owners often create their own website using a free WordPress template and then add it to their business cards, flyers and brochures. While that is useful, your website is a much more powerful marketing vehicle.

Seo Must for Your Business

Six Keys to Get Started With SEO 

  • Keyword Research: You should not begin the SEO process without first searching for keywords that are relevant to your product or service. The purpose of this exercise is to understand what potential customers are typing in the search engine to find your product, the competition for that keyword and how often it’s searched.
  • Use Keywords in Content and Metadata: Now that you have selected the keywords, it’s time for you to utilize those keywords in the title tag, description tag, website title and content of your website.
  • Online Directories: Submit your company to online business directories, such as Google My Business and Apple Maps Connect, with backlinks to your website. These directories also allow you to show up when customers are in your local area while doing searches using the navigation apps. 
  • Create Backlinks: Backlinks are links from other websites that link to your website. There are different techniques for gaining backlinks, such as creating directory listings, guest blogging and contributing to forums.
  • Social Media: I highly suggest you join social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and LinkedIn. Some channels may be more relevant to your business than others, but the bottom line is that there are many benefits to joining social networks as a business.
  • Fresh Content: Never get complacent with your content. Regardless of your product or service, writing content and keeping your site fresh is important. The more valuable content you have on your website, the higher your chances of Google showcasing your content in the search results. 

A good website is supposed to attract your customers by organically driving inbound traffic. That is one of the primary jobs of the website. Search engines make it possible for your customers to find you.

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