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We’re closing in on the top of end of another year. It goes by quick, doesn’t it? Hopefully, the 2018 business year was as fruitful as you were expect. If not, the simplest place to appear for a refurbish to enhance those numbers for 2019 is your digital promoting budget. If you’re not making enough of an impact online, you’re either not spending enough overall on your digital marketing, or you’re not spending enough where you need to.


Traditional marketing is continues to be prevailing however not nearly as much as prevailing as it was 50 years ago. Traditional marketing is dying and the future belongs to digital.Traditional marketing doesn’t allow for fundamental interactions with your brand, is costly, and is near impossible to measure ROI on your campaigns. That’s to not say that you should completely avoid traditional marketing moves, because there are still some effective ways to reach your target audience with an effective message. For example, attending trade shows is a great way to personally connect along with your target market.


How much you should spend on Digital Marketing

According to the U.S. tiny Business Administration, they’ve advised 7% to 8% of your gross revenue should be spent on marketing.

50% of that promoting budget should be dedicated to digital promoting in 2020. Seem a little high? Well in 2021, it should be 55%. The average company is spending 35% of their marketing budget on digital campaigns, and that’s not enough. The average company is stuck three years in the past.

Be bold, be before of the curve, and shoot for half of your marketing budget to put towards digital.

For a way of scale, let’s examine a business that creates $2 million in revenue. If 7% of their budget is allocated to marketing, they have $140,000 to work with. Half of that is $70,000, which gives them their digital promoting budget.

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