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Those who define it might be children. They could be solo developers on just enough funding to scrimp by for the next project. They could be retirees, artists or marginalized children in a war-torn country. They may create works of genius that go undiscovered until long after their death.

While some cited practical predictions, like the rise of virtual reality, most centered on the structures that enable games to be made in the first place. And while many people see things improving, several also sounded warning bells about what the industry may be like and who may be in charge of it.

The future isn’t necessarily what you think?

While many developers imagine a future where the game industry is overrun with new and exciting technology, many are split on some fundamental questions. What role will virtual reality play? Will there be new consoles? And if so, what power will the PC still wield?

“There are many other applications with greater potential and fewer inherent problems to solve,” he says. Many developers shared this sentiment. Celia Hodent, former head of UX at Epic Games, says until VR become more usable she expects it will “remain on the side,” even by 2022. Nick Yee, head of game analytics consultancy Quantic Foundry, says he’s “pessimistic” about VR being a dominant platform. VR doesn’t make sense — or add much — to many game genres. And because the appeal of being immersed in an alternate world isn’t the primary gaming motivation for many gamers, these gamers would be unlikely to invest in expensive VR equipment.


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