Future of Cryptocurrency

Today there are over 1700 cryptocurrencies in the market. Every day more are being launched. In the long term not all will survive. Only the good projects which are backed by sound disruptive technology and a capable team and a good revenue model will survive. Intellirise provides our clients with sophisticated Block chain Development – Hyper ledger Fabric, Ethereal, Solidity, Web3js, Stellar and Electroneum, Sawtooth consulting solutions. We believe group-think and conformity is not necessarily the road towards creativity and innovation.

As far as investment is concerned, that is a decision that you need to make after being aware of all aspects. Cryptocurrency market is highly volatile, so one has to be strong hearted to invest and trade in it. The market is also vulnerable to lop of manipulation by the big whales. If you decide to invest make sure you invest on the dips and not when the market is going up (timing your trades are very important). Be clear whether you want to be a long term investor or a trader. Day trading is highly risky in this market. Also stick to the top 20–25 coins only if you are a first timer in the market.

There has been serious ambiguity among people when we ask, “Should one invest in bitcoin” and answers vary. Majority might argue, “It’s not even real money” or Bitcoins forming the biggest bubble of history” or narratives similar to that. But answers could be relatively opposite if one asks same questions to tech geeks or visionaries of cryptocurrency. Geek community peg bitcoins as liberty from government regulations and a future alternative to their native currency.

Future of Cryptocurrency

Technologies we use

  • Ethereum, Block chain.
  • ENS providing for human readable names for access decentralised address.
  • EVS is the runtime environment for smart contract.
  • Smart Contract Concept.
  • Crypto currency exchanges using Cryptography to secure the transaction.
  • Solidity, Truffle is used to build block chain Dapps.
  • Remix is an IDE contract using solidity.

Bitcoin is still in very young phase and not everyone knows about it. Yet, large scale industries and tech companies are to adapting it and making it mainstream. Take the fact into account, companies like Amazon, Microsoft, Expedia, Bloomberg, Dell, Tesla and even universities and colleges accept bitcoins for tuition fees.

In a general theory, limited things have higher value. This can be applied globally. For instance, if one owned the only pair of shoes available in the world or only car in the world, people would want to buy that, which means, more demand less supply and that would lead to inflation of value. Bitcoin is not infinite in amount, only 21 million bitcoins can be mined.

Intellirise Tech solution has a tremendous outreach program, which gives us access to qualified and talented individuals who are respected experts in their field. Mitosis also partners and interacts closely with open-source software providers to ensure close communication with the Subject Matter Experts. Mitosis currently supports programs utilising cutting edge distributed cloud architectures providing tractability of every transactions.

So, what are you waiting for?

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